Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We love showing off our facility and strongly encourage our clients to check us out.

No appointment needed. We like to give tours Monday – Saturday from 10am – 4pm. Prior to 10:00 am we are cleaning, feeding and giving medication to all our boarding pets. After 4:00 pm most of our pets start to settle in from their eventful day. New faces can get them excited.

Dogs staying in our suites are asked to check-in after 11am and check-out before 11am. Dogs with all other boarding reservations are free to check in or check out anytime during normal business hours. However, we ask that you try to come at least 30 minutes prior to closing in order to get your pet settled in before we leave for the night. We are open from 7am-6pm Monday through Saturday, and 7am-12pm on Sunday.

Please make sure to bring proof of vaccinations, your pet’s regular food (preferably in a resealable container), any medications, vitamins or supplements with detailed instructions and in the original bottle/packaging, bedding for them to sleep on, and anything else that will make them feel more at home. We have bedding available for all pets if you cannot bring their own.

We require that all pets must be current on all vaccinations. No pet will be boarded without current and complete vaccination records from a licensed veterinarian, no exceptions. Dogs staying in traditional boarding are required to have Rabies, DHPP and Bordetella.  Dogs staying in the Doggie Clubhouse and Big Dog Gym are required to have Rabies, DHPP, Bordetella and Leptospirosis.  We are able to schedule a boarding stay 1 week after these vaccinations are given. Please see our vaccinations policy for additional information.

Dogs staying in the Doggie Clubhouse and Big Dog Gym must meet a variety of qualifications. Please call to schedule a temperament test so we can evaluate your dog before their stay.  Please note that it is not uncommon for some dogs to have a change in temperament when they are not with their owner in a new environment.  For example, some dogs have a blast at the dog park playing with other dogs and with their owner, but don’t get along well with other dogs while in a boarding environment. If we find that your dog is not comfortable in the Doggie Clubhouse or Big Dog Gym, we will contact you and either move them to traditional boarding for a reduced rate or depending upon availability, upgrade to a private suite for an additional charge.

We encourage you to bring your pet’s regular food in order for them to maintain their own diet and we prepare that food free of charge.  Should you choose to pay for our house food, we offer Eagle Pack dry for $2-4 per day, per pet fee applied.

Providing the dog is not too fearful or aggressive, we will attempt to administer oral, eye, ear and topical medications as prescribed. We require you to bring all medications, vitamins, and supplements in the original bottle/packaging. At this time we are no longer accepting pets that need insulin, fluids or injections of any kind. Medication is administered at the cost of $1.00 per dose. Please see our medication policy for additional information

If your dog is boarding in the Doggie Clubhouse or Big Dog Gym, they will have access to the outside for the majority of the day allowing them to go to the restroom at their leisure.  The Doggie Clubhouse also features an indoor potty patch allowing dogs to use the restroom throughout the night.  Dogs staying in a suite will be taken out for at least three potty breaks a day.  Dogs staying with us in traditional boarding are free to go to the restroom at the end of their run at their leisure or during playtimes.  All messes are cleaned up promptly by our diligent staff.

Given the nature of open boarding, dogs staying in the Doggie Clubhouse and Big Dog Gym are spending time with their roommates during most of their stay.  At night, Doggie Clubhouse dogs can be placed in a fenced enclosure where they can observe the other dogs but have some privacy or they can remain with their new dog friends all night.  For the safety of our large guests staying in the Big Dog Gym, all dogs are separated into private enclosures at night where they can still see their neighbors.

Dogs staying in traditional boarding can see their neighbors on both sides of their run.  All traditional runs have a dog house that your pup can take advantage of if they need some privacy.


Doggie Clubhouse: 13-15

Big Dog Gym: 8-10

Traditional Boarding: 54-75

Although we do not have any staff at the facility overnight, we do have 24-hour surveillance throughout the whole facility. It allows us to monitor the pets and the kennel when we are not here.  Owners with pets staying in our Big Dog Gym or Doggie Clubhouse can view their dogs on our webcams Live 24/7.

Yes. Feel free to call or email us while you are away.

Yes.  Our Pet Connect Report Card gives us the opportunity to communicate with you about your pets stay. The areas we monitor on a daily basis are your pet’s eating, potty, as well as mood/temperament.

The Doggie Clubhouse, Big Dog Gym, and Suites are completely climate controlled with AC and heat. For traditional boarding, all runs are completely covered to provide shade.  We also have a mister system set up in all of the runs to offer a cooler outdoor area for all traditional boarding pets.

The Doggie Clubhouse, Big Dog Gym, and Suites are completely climate controlled with heat and AC. For traditional boarding, all runs have a dog house with blankets to provide shelter.  As needed, dogs are also given doggie jackets to stay extra warm.

We recommend calling us as soon as you are in need of our services. The holidays fill up fast, so secure your pets stay early.

We check for fleas on all our incoming pets. If your pet is discovered to have fleas upon check in, we will treat your pet at your expense to prevent the spread to any of the other animals in our care. Treatment includes a flea bath, washing of any bedding that you provided and administration of Capstar or Advantage.  Capstar is a flea tablet for dogs.  Each tablet contains an active ingredient called Nitenpyram that’s effective in eliminating fleas in both dogs and cats—even in puppies. The fast-acting formula starts working within 30 minutes and has been proven to be more than 90% effective in eliminating adult fleas within just hours.  Advantage is a monthly flea preventative for dogs and cats that offers comprehensive flea protection by killing adult fleas, larvae, and eggs.

We have multiple options depending on the size of your pet. We would love to give you a tour so that you can see what we have to offer.

If you are no longer in need of our services we ask that you call or email to let us know as soon as possible. There is no cancellation fee.

We offer multiple pet discounts for our suite boarders. The first dog is $50/night and each additional dog is $10 less per night.

Yes, depending on the size and temperament they can be boarded in the same enclosure or be placed side-by-side, depending on availability.

Yes, dogs staying in the Doggie Clubhouse and Big Dog Gym get to play with the other dogs staying with them for the majority of their stay.  Dogs may be separated periodically for rest or to sleep privately.

For dogs staying in suites and traditional boarding, we offer up to two 15-minute playtimes per day either one-on-one with a staff member or in a group of similar size and temperament. Each playtime is an additional charge of $5.00 per playtime, per pet. Playtime sessions take place in our fully fenced outdoor play yard.  Playtimes may consist of wandering and smelling the scents of the world, running and fetching, playing with friends, wading in a kiddie pool or sitting on a lap and being pampered.

Dates: Our holiday policies apply to all stays that include one of the following major holidays: New Years Eve, New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas.  Although we are here everyday of the year to care for your pets, we are closed to the public on the above major holidays.

Special Pick Up and Drop Off Times: To better accommodate your pets, an afternoon drop off window and a morning pick up window will be assigned to your pet.  Please inquire with our staff for additional details and times.

Deposit: A deposit is required to make a holiday reservation. The amount due will depend on the length of stay. The deposit will be applied to your final bill payment at check-out. The entire deposit is fully refundable if reservation is cancelled on or before 30 days from first day of stay. The entire deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable if cancelled within 30 days from 1st day of stay.

Daycare: Daycare is unavailable during holiday time frames. Please inquire with our staff for additional details.


Please send us an email and we would be happy to answer your questions.